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Montserrat Palacios Montaña and Alfonso Figueroa Bocardo hereinafter, “AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS”, with address at Col. Centro Local 301 Av. Miguel Hidalgo #33 Piso 3 CP. 40200, Taxco de Alarcon Guerrero, as the person responsible for collecting personal data when you visit our website in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its regulations, as well as in accordance with the Privacy Notice Guidelines published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on January 17, 2013, hereby informs you:


A. Data collected directly:

    1. Personal Data:
      • Name. 

      • Address.
      • Email. 

      • RFC. 

      • Age. 

      • Date of Birth. 

      • Zip Code. 

      • Ring Size
Financial Data:
      • Payment information, that is: Card number, name of the cardholder, expiration of the card and security code.
      • Billing Address
      1. Sensitive personal data: AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS does not process sensitive data through its website.B. Data that is collected through other sources:
        ● Data from third parties that may include information from risk rating agencies, information from security forces and regulatory bodies, as well as information from companies that have databases for commercial purposes.
        C. Data collected automatically: When using our website, as well as applications, the following data is collected:

        Websites: When using our website, data from your browser will be sent to our servers, collecting the following personal information:

        * ● IP address.

        * ● Time and date of visit.

        * ● Time spent on the website.

        * ● Referrer URL.

        * ● Pages that were visited on the website.

        * ● Information about the device through which the web page was visited. Cookies and the like: The website uses technologies to store information that includes sending cookies or the like. II. PURPOSE OF THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: A. Necessary purposes for the existence, maintenance and fulfillment of the legal relationship with its consumers:

        * ● Comply with the legal relationship established with you derived from the acquisition of any AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS product.

        * ● Address complaints or recommendations regarding the use of AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS products.

        * ● Contract with AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS the sale of the product offered through the website.

        * ● Comply with product delivery obligations.

        * ● Identification purposes in order to create a profile for you and offer you the products and services of AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS.

        * ● Credit purposes that include identification of debit card data, credit or any other means of payment through which the sale of the product offered on the website is carried out.

        * ● Perform controls to verify that the means of payment that you have offered is not classified as fraudulent and avoid fraud.

        * ● Analyze your interactions through the website or social networks.

        * ● Comply with regulatory obligations and requirements issued by competent authorities. B. Purposes not necessary for the existence, maintenance and fulfillment of the legal relationship with its consumers:

        * ● Inform about new services, products, offers, affiliations, loyalty programs, events and our applications.

        * ● Inform changes in the services of AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS.

        * ● Improve the quality of the service and product through the creation of a profile of you and to be able to offer them specialized products.

        * ● Statistical purposes including financial analytical sales and supply chain performance.

        * ● Promotional and contest reporting purposes.

        * ● Collect data to provide personalized marketing. If you do not want your personal data to be used for the purposes established in subsection B above, you may object by exercising that right in accordance with the provisions of section “IV. MEANS TO EXERCISE ARCO RIGHTS” of this privacy notice within 5 (five) business days after this notice has been made available to you. If you do not exercise the right mentioned above, it will be understood that you consent to the use of your personal data. The communications that will be sent to your email or other means, will have an accessible way to stop receiving them, including a link where you can unsubscribe from the list of communications or, you can contact AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS directly through the customer service email to request that such communications stop being sent. III. WAY OF SHARING YOUR PERSONAL DATA: Sometimes, AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS will have to transfer your personal data in a limited way, such as the information provided by you to log in, since it must be shared with our website service providers that are located outside from Mexico. AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS will take all necessary measures to ensure that said information is constantly protected, including contracts, reviews, mechanisms to ensure it.
          Likewise, said information may be shared with our suppliers that manage loyalty programs and promotions, customer service, fraud protection, credit rating agencies, as well as analytical platforms.

          In the event of a merger or acquisition, in accordance with the Law and the provisions of this privacy notice, it may be necessary to share your personal information with the new company or the resulting company.

          AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS is obliged to disclose your personal data when required by law or by any other legal process including administration of justice, protection of your interests, investigations carried out by competent authorities, to protect the legal interests of AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS, for protection of the users of the website or by order of a court or authority in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. By accepting this notice, you are authorizing the transfer of your data in the cases mentioned above.


          In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, you as the owner of the personal data may request access to the data kept by AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS as well as learn about the treatment thereof, as well as request corrections. Similarly, you have the right to request cancellation under the terms of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, either in its entirety or opposition to treatment for specific purposes.

          To exercise the ARCO rights, a "Request for the exercise of ARCO rights" must be prepared, scanned and sent to the email so that the correct follow-up can be given to your request.

          The necessary requirements for the “Request to exercise ARCO rights” are the following:

            * ● The application must be filled out clearly in electronic media.

            * ● Indicate name, address and email for correct tracking.

            * ● Clearly indicate the personal data with respect to which an ARCO right is sought to be exercised.

            * ● In case of requesting a correction, attach a document or information that makes it easier for AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS to search for said data.

            * ● Attach a copy or scan of the document to prove your identity. These can be a voter ID (INE or IFE) or a valid passport. If the request is processed through a legal representative, it is necessary to attach the power of attorney that proves the power of representation or power of attorney signed personally by the owner of the personal data. The power of attorney must be signed by the agent, the principal and two witnesses, including the name of all those appearing, address, signature and photocopy or scan of identification documents. In accordance with article 34 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS may deny access to personal data or refuse rectification, cancellation or opposition. Similarly, AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS will not be obliged to cancel personal data in accordance with the assumptions established in article 26 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS will respond to your request within a period not exceeding 20 (twenty) days by email to the email you have provided, in case you have requested changes in your personal data, they will be made within a period not exceeding 20 (twenty days). The terms mentioned in this paragraph may be extended once, for the same number, prior notice prior to the expiration of the first term of 20 (twenty) days. You can contact us directly and at any time at to request modifications to your personal information, as well as delete, block and delete your personal information. In the event that the exercise of the ARCO rights granted by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its Regulations or Guidelines is denied, AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS must justify that refusal and you will have the right to initiate a procedure of protection of rights before the INAI (National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data) in accordance with Chapter VII of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. V. REVOCATION OF CONSENT FOR THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: To revoke consent regarding the processing of your personal data, you must submit a request to the email following the procedure established in numeral IV above. Sometimes, the request cannot be answered immediately since AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS may have a legal obligation that requires it to continue processing your personal data.

            The non-authorization and the revocation of the processing of your personal data may hinder the provision of the services that AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS can grant you. AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS may fear the appropriate measures in the event that its limitation, refusal or revocation prevents or affects the proper functioning of processes, services and practices of AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS.


            To limit the use or disclosure of your personal data, you must do so to the email, specifically indicating the limitation of the use or disclosure in question. The above limitation may affect the services that AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS wishes to provide you.


              To allow navigation on the AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS website, as well as access to areas that require security, the use of cookies is necessary.

              Some examples are user input cookies that are active for the duration of the open session on the site. This allows you to track when you fill out forms.

              Functional cookies are also used to help the website remember choices and information you have made or provided such as username, language or your region. This information allows AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS to tailor your website experience to your needs. An example of these cookies are the functional authentication cookies that allow users to remember information on subsequent visits to the website.

              The functional cookies that our website includes are the following:

              * ● Security Cookies: Detect authentication abuses such as repeated failed login attempts. These are used to increase the security of the use of the website.

              * ● Flash or multimedia content playback cookies: They store technical data that is needed for video or audio playback such as image quality, buffering parameters and network link speed.

              * ● Balancing cookies: They are used throughout the user session and allow the server to be identified in the group so that the load balancer redirects any user request.

              * ● User interface customization cookies: They store the user's preferences regarding the services provided by the website. To improve our website and trading platform, we use different reporting and analytics cookies that collect information about how you use the website and trading platform. The information that is collected is for statistical purposes and the identifiers used are pseudonyms without directly identifying them. We also use performance cookies which are as follows:

              * ● Source analysis cookies: These are used to estimate visitor numbers, as well as detect the most searched words in search engines. These cookies are only used to improve the browsing experience.

              * ● Third party analytics cookies: We use Google Analytics as well as other third party analytics providers to verify your interaction with our website. This type of cookie remembers what you have done on previous pages within the AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS website. If you want more information about Google Analytics, please consult the Google page.

              * ● Advertising Cookies: These cookies are needed to tailor marketing to your needs, your interests and to provide you with more personalized services in the future. These cookies remember that you made a visit to the AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS website. That information may be shared with third parties such as advertisers. These cookies may track visits to your device, but do not personally identify you. These cookies allow the advertisements you receive to be relevant according to your preferences.

              * ● Social Cookies: These cookies refer to social networking sites that may be placed on our website such as the Facebook like button as well as other tools that allow playback of video or audio files. You should be aware that some of these third party services place cookies that are used for behavioral advertising, data analysis and/or market research. VII. PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS is committed to protecting your personal information through appropriate administrative, physical, technical and virtual security measures that will be used against any illegal or unauthorized treatment, as well as against destruction , accidental damage or loss. Some of the measures described above are procedures, policies, employee training, as well as any other related that helps protection. IX. PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION:

              The personal information you provided us will be kept for 2 (two) years from the last interaction with AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS either through the website or social network accounts, this period may change if the Law requires a period of Different conservation, if necessary in a legal proceeding or necessary for a specific purpose in accordance with the applicable legislation.

                X. INFORMATION ON MINORS:

                As a general rule, AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS does not store personal data or information of minors under 18 (eighteen) years of age. However, if any minor creates an account or a profile on our website to access the benefits that AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS grants to those with an account, the necessary data such as name, surname, email, password, order addresses will be stored. and their history.


                AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS reserves the right to make changes, alterations, updates or modifications to this Privacy Notice at any time it deems appropriate. The foregoing in the event that there are legislative reforms, jurisprudence or any other document or legal activity that directly affects this Privacy Notice. The version of this Privacy Notice will be the one published on the website and, additionally, may be sent to the emails of the users registered in the database.

                In the event that AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS changes its identity, requires to collect additional data, changes any of the purposes for obtaining personal data or modifies transfer conditions that are under this Privacy Notice, the new notice of privacy will be made available to you. privacy by the means that AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS deems pertinent.

                I have read, understood and accepted the meaning and scope of this Privacy Notice, expressing my consent and understanding regarding the mechanisms that the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its regulations as well as in accordance with the Guidelines of the Privacy Notice published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on January 17, 2013 and this Privacy Notice grant me for the exercise of my ARCO rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) as well as the limitation of use, disclosure and transfer of my personal data that AMANZA JEWELRY DESIGNERS can carry out.

                By using the website, you consent to the treatment, transfer, use for purposes (necessary and not necessary) of your personal data, which includes economic and property data.