Does Amanza jewelry have a guarantee?

All Amanza Jewelry Designers products are made under the highest quality standards, our jewelry is proudly made in Mexico in workshops where working hours and pay are fair for all people involved.

We offer a 60-day guarantee in the following cases:

  1. Detachment of zirconia, pearls or inlays. The client must send the detached piece so that it can be repaired. In case of not having it, Amanza Jewelry Designers can make the repair charging only the replacement part. If it is not in stock, we can offer something similar.
  2. We have a guarantee on the baths imposed on our .925 Silver products.
  3. In the event that the post(s) in any of the earrings comes off, the repair will be made. The client must send the detached post, if not, Amanza Jewelry Designers can make the repair with an extra cost only for the added post.

We will offer 12-month warranty under the following circumstances:

  1. Amanza Jewelry Designers guarantees the mechanism of brooches, drawstrings and bandolas. In case of needing repair, it is necessary to send all the pieces to analyze the reason for the failure and to be able to be repaired. If the client does not have the complete parts, Amanza Team will evaluate the specific case for coverage.
  2. In the event that the pendant and/or brand label separate from the necklace, the repair will be covered in its entirety as long as the client has the piece that has been detached, otherwise the replacement of the same may be quoted.

If your case is on this list, you can contact us at where we will follow up on your case and don't worry! We will repair the part for you at no cost. The return and return guides must be paid by you, $150mxn each way.

NOTE: In order for your repair to be valid and the warranty to take effect, we will ask you for the following information:

  • Full name with which the purchase was made
  • Telephone and/or email registered in the sale of the product
  • Shipping address provided above
  • Order number
  • Date of purchase

We also have 14k Gold and Rhodium bath maintenance exclusively on our .925 Silver designs. This service can be requested by email where you must specify the following:

  1. Model
  2. Photo of the piece in different angles/zooms (minimum 3 images maximum 8) this so that our Team Amanza can verify if the bath is possible or not depending on the state of your piece.
  3. Full name with which the purchase was made.

This service is only for Amanza clients. The cost per this service is quoted depending on the piece and its condition. It can be around $80 to $300 mxn and takes approximately 20 business days. The customer must assume the cost of shipping $150 mxn each way. This service guarantees that your piece will have a first level maintenance and will return practically as new so that you can continue enjoying it for life.

Our parts DO NOT have warranty coverage in the following cases.

  1. In the event that any of our designs are broken by pulling, crushing, hitting, or misplaced in any way, the guarantees will not be covered accordingly. If repair is required, we will offer the maintenance service that is quoted on each specific case.
  2. We are not responsible for scratches or bumps on any of our pieces.
  3. We do not cover replacements in total or partial losses of any of the parts of our designs, this includes; butterflies, charms, brooches, or pieces that go in pairs.
  4. We are not responsible for any type of infections or allergies caused by carrying our products.

NOTE: In all the above cases, 50% of the total payment for the repair, replacement, maintenance, etc. will be requested. BEFORE you receive your piece. The other 50% for the settlement of the procedure will be requested before sending you the piece back. You can also make the full payment of the claim before making the first shipment if you wish. We are very sorry that you are in this situation. That is why our team will be with the best disposition to help you. Our goal is to find the best solution to this type of problem, we will assist you as quickly as possible.