Jewelry Care

All jewelry produced at Amanza Jewelry Designers is made with the highest quality metals. Our intention is that everything that is designed in our workshop can last a lifetime for our clients. That is why we only use 14K Gold or .925 Silver. We give Silver an extra finish with either 14K Gold or Rhodium baths (it is a metal alloy made up mostly of white gold). In order to have longevity in the pieces (especially in silver baths) it is necessary to follow a series of cares;

  1. Avoid wearing jewelry during bathing, exercising, or swimming in the pool/sea.
  2. It is very important for silver baths to avoid contact with alcohol, cleaning products and soap. This includes creams, perfumes, lotions etc.
  3. To avoid oxidation by PH, it is important not to wear jewelry while sleeping, as well as to store it individually and not to keep it outdoors for long periods of time.
  4. Remember that the PH of people can accelerate oxidation in silver, this does not mean that your piece is no longer useful, it only requires cleaning every certain time. If necessary, you can find a specialized cleaning kit for our products at to keep them looking like new and restore their shine whenever necessary.